Child molestation not first investigation against Pasco teacher

Child molestation not first investigation against Pasco teacher »Play Video
BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- KEPR is continuing to investigate the former Pasco teacher accused of molesting a teen.

Brian Dean was suspended from Kingspoint Christian School more than a month ago. We dug deeper into the case and learned this isn't the first sex crime Dean was investigated for.

"You're not going to find every bad guy that preys on children in a creepy looking van outside the park," says Detective Scott Runge.

He says a bad guy could be found teaching Bible classes right in a private Christian school.

A middle school teacher from Kingspoint Christian is now charged with molesting a young teen. Court documents say 30-year-old Brian Dean has had questionable behavior in the past.

KEPR learned that, back in 2002, a group of girls came to Dean's door looking for church donations. Dean was 19 at the time. Court papers say he gave the girls a photo of him touching himself. Charges of indecent exposure were recommended but not filed.

Now, more than a decade later, deputies say Dean groped a family friend he had been babysitting at the home he shares with his wife in Finley.

We wanted to get Dean's side of the story, so we went to his house. But all we found were a couple of dogs and a locked gate.

We stayed around for around 20 minutes, but no one came out of the house.

The investigation into the suspected molestation began in January. The detective told me how he used the suspect's Facebook page as part of the search for evidence.

"You know, nothing that would just outright say this guy is a child predator, but things that he likes, or things that he's fond of that brought more credibility to the child's statements," Detective Runge says.

KEPR learned Dean was suspended from Kingspoint Christian within days of the investigation beginning. The school wouldn't confirm if he is still employed.

"With an issue like that, that would pretty much terminate his teaching career," Detective Runge says.

Dean is charged with second-degree felony child molestation.

Dean's court date is set for next month. If convicted, he will have to register as a sex offender.