2 fires keep crews busy

2 fires keep crews busy »Play Video
BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- As we head into a new week, fire crews are coming off one of their busiest weekends in a very long time. Two major brush fires near the Tri-Cities kept firefighters busy for several hours this weekend.

The first blaze happened along I-82 near Kennewick. Rescuers tell us flames from a car fire spread to nearby weeds. That fire eventually burned more than 200 acres before it was put out. No structures were ever threatened, but one person was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation.

And while that was going on, another fire broke out. This time near Highway 397 and Olympia in Kennewick. Firefighters tell us this incident could have been caused by target practice. You take a red hot bullet and mix it with dry weeds and the result could be disastrous. In fact, fire officials tell us as many as 20 percent of brush fires are caused by target practice.

“This time of year, unless you're in an approved shooting range, or a gravel pit, dirt pit where there's no vegetation, that's the only safe area to shoot,” says Battalion Chief Tom Cole with Benton County Fire District 1.

This fire burned more than 250 acres before being put out. Luckily no homes and structures were at risk and nobody was hurt.

~Photo sent by viewer Amberlee