Crime Tracker: More businesses burglarized

Crime Tracker: More businesses burglarized
KENNEWICK, Wash.-- A number of businesses were targeted by thieves over the weekend.

Jack’s Superior Auto Body on Columbia Drive was targeted sometime over the weekend. The business owner reported three cars had been prowled. The cars were inside a secured fenced area. The thief managed to dismantle part of the fence gate that has barbed wired at the top. It wasn't obvious what was taken from the cars, but they had been ransacked. Security video shows one person rifling through the cars.

Just down the road from Jack's, Accurate Automotive was also targeted over the weekend. It also features a secured fenced compound. At least one car had been gone through, and a duffel bag was taken. Police say the burglar could be seen with the same duffel bag while committing the burglary at Jack’s.

In the same general area, Blue Ribbon Recovery was targeted on Entiat Avenue. Again, there is a fenced compound. And, again, the gate was dismantled to get inside. In this burglary, there was an outside lock box that was broken into and 25 sets of car keys taken. This allowed the thief to take a black Ford Ranger Splash. Cops say it was driven through the north fence of the compound.

A burglary was reported at Premier Woodworks on Canal Drive over the weekend as well. Once again, a secured fenced area was pried open. Smaller property was stolen along with a gold Chevrolet 1500 truck.

Golden Crown Auto Sales was hit on Columbia Drive. In both this case and the Premier Woodworks case, the business owners were on the property well into the previous evening. So police believe the spots were targeted overnight. A secured fence was disassembled at Golden Crown. It appears the burglar ditched the Chevy 1500 here and took a black 2000 Nissan Sentra instead. Other property was also stolen.

Haps RV Storage was another to report a weekend burglary at its location on Entiat Avenue in Kennewick. Haps has storage units that back up to one of the other recent burglary victim’s property. The metal siding of a storage unit was damaged to get inside. Then, the burglary cut the sheetrock and got into a second storage unit. Various tools were stolen.

On Saturday night, an alarm was tripped at Bennett Rentals on Fruitland Ave. The owner had gone to check on the property after getting the alarm notification and found the front door had been forced open. No one was found inside and nothing was obviously missing. Police think the alarm scared off the thief or thieves.

Kennewick Police believe some business owners have yet to discover they are a victim. They are working on a number of leads and trying to identify suspects in all cases.