CRIME TRACKER: Car prowls spike in Richland

CRIME TRACKER: Car prowls spike in Richland
RICHLAND, Wash. -- Car prowlers have hit Richland again. Despite an overall drop in this crime there's been an uptick in one-neighborhood.

Louise and her husband live in a relatively quiet Meadow Springs neighborhood. They almost always make sure they lock their car doors overnight.

This past week, they forgot.

"They just opened one of the doors that was unlocked, luckily there wasn't anything in the car they wanted," said car prowler victim Louise Husa.

Louise was one of eight victims hit by car prowlers in just the past week. The incidents happened around Meadow Springs Golf Course on Greenbrook Place and Pine Tree Lane.

In most cases -- the thieves didn't even need to break in -- they just tried the doors. This is isn't the first time this area has been struck by auto assailants. In June of 2010, a numbers of cars had their car windows smashed overnight.

"You go to sleep at night and expect to wake up in the morning, finding things pretty much as you have left them and if that's not the case you feel in jeopardy," said Louise.

KEPR dug deeper and found car prowls have been dropping significantly in Richland.

There were about 400 car prowls in all of last year. This year the crime is on pace to have 300 victims. A significant decrease but Louise isn't resting any easier.

"Frightened to the extent that it was just one of our cars, but someone at some point may try and get in our house and that's very scary," said Louise.

Scary enough, she and her husband are looking into purchasing a security camera in the future.