Kid Kicked In Stomach At School, Winds Up In The Hospital: Mom Says She Never Knew

Kid Kicked In Stomach At School, Winds Up In The Hospital: Mom Says She Never Knew
KENNEWICK—Taking Action for you, a Kennewick mom called KEPR after seeing our stories about violence in the schools.

She says her kindergartner had to be flown to Seattle, after he was kicked in the stomach during recess.

She was most upset over the fact the school never told her he was hurt.

You wouldn't think Kyree Mitchell was lying in Seattle hospital bed just weeks ago.

“He usually gets up and eats cereal and is jumping on the bed and being a 6 year old, something was different that morning, so I asked him what was wrong and he started to cry,” Michelle Talley said.

That's when Michelle says Kyree told her he'd been kicked in the stomach on the playground at Lincoln Elementary and that's the first she'd heard of it.

Michelle Talley rushed her son to the hospital.

They made the decision to fly him to Seattle, after benign cysts had ruptured.

“I didn't really know how to deal with it, as a mom that's my kid you know, I wanted to take his pain away and then he was just telling me mommy, I'm not ready to die and that was just really really hard for me,” Michelle Talley said.

Kyree is ok now and Michelle's big problem isn't the kicking, it's the lack of information from Lincoln.

“My kid could have bled internally that night and he could have died and I would have never known what was wrong with him,” Michelle Talley said.

Action News asked the Kennewick School District why Michelle wasn’t called.

“My understanding of that situation is that the boy did not tell his teacher he was hurt, we don't know if he didn't have symptoms, but we didn't have reason to call his mom at that time,” Greg Fancher, Asst. Superintendent of Elementary Education for Kennewick School District said.

The district says they knew there had been a scuffle on the playground, but didn't know the extent of the injuries.

They said the boy didn't tell them he was in pain, but Michelle feels they shouldn't just take the word of a six year old.

“What happens the next time that it is a kid that has serious injuries and something bad happens to him, it's not ok, it doesn't sit right with me,” Michelle Talley said.

Action News asked the district why couldn't there be a policy that notified parents when anything happened.

“It's a really interesting thing to think about and the big thing here is we didn't know, we did know there was a scuffled, he was kicked in the scuffle, but not to the degree he was hurt,” Greg Fancher said.
Action News asked the district if it would be out of the question that some change would take place.

“No, I think that's not out of the question at all, we're always trying to look at our policies and procedures and see what we can get better,” Greg Fancher said.

The Kennewick School District says they try to be overly cautious any time a child is hurt, and usually call home, but the district says calling every time something happens is unrealistic.

They don't have the man power.

As for those potential policy changes, we'll follow up and let you know if anything is put in stone.