Murder Victim Hours Away From Starting New Life

Murder Victim Hours Away From Starting New Life
PASCO, Wash. -- Griselda Ocampo-Meza and her son were just hours away from starting a new life. After months of documented abuse by ex-boyfriend, Gregorio Luna-Luna, 31, Ocampo-Meza planned to take her five year old son to a new home, in a new city, for a new start. She finished packing on Sunday with plans to leave the next day to a town outside of the Tri-Cities.

But she just narrowly missed her escape. Early the next morning, police believe Luna-Luna attacked Ocampo Meza with a knife. She died from a single stab wound to the chest, according to Franklin County Coroner Dan Blasdel.

Friends and coworkers are still reeling from the news. "I want to make sense of it, but I wake up and I don't want to believe it," friend Annette Delgado told Action News. "If I had known her mom, I would tell her that she had a beautiful, loving, free-spirited daughter cause that's what she was."

Delgado shared many memories about Ocampo-Meza, including describing the 21-year-old as dreamer.

"You know when you wake up and you just have that happy feeling? That's the day she would start off with," Delgado continued.

Ocampo-Meza moved with Luna-Luna from Mexico City a few years ago to start a better life for their son. As of last fall, she was getting her degree from Columbia Basin College and working at a food stand in the Pasco flea market. That's where Delgado met her six months ago. She also said Ocampa-Meza was creating decorations for weddings and baptisms as a side job.

As coworkers, Delgado knew there was trouble at home, but said her friend remained determined to put the past behind her.

"She was telling us at work, 'I am going to say 'bye' to everyone on Sunday because I am starting my new life Monday," retelling what Ocampo-Meza had said.

True to her word, the young mom skipped the barbeque at Delgado's house to finish packing. Prosecutors said Luna Luna killed her hours later.

"I don't know how a person could take another person's life," Delgado continued. "I don't understand how he didn't think about his son. He didn't think about it."

Delgado believes the motive was simple.

"She just thought he was angry. The relationship wasn't working anymore. She wanted to start a new life with her son and he couldn't accept that".

Friends told Action News Ocampo-Meza's son is with Child Protective Services but Action News wasn't been able to confirm that by 6:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Ocampo-Meza didn't have any family living in the Tri-Cities, they are all in Mexico City, so friends are coordinating funeral services. For more information call Annette at 542-2270.