Murder Suspect's Criminal History

Murder Suspect's Criminal History
PASCO - An autopsy completed Tuesday reveals it was a single stab to the chest that killed a young mother in Pasco.

The 21-year-old died Monday and police say her son's father is to blame.

The suspect was in court Tuesday to face a judge.

31-year-old Gregorio Luna Luna is in the Franklin County jail and has not been charged.

The judge set bail at $5 million.

KEPR discovered prosecutors may go for first degree murder and make this a death penalty case.

Prosecutors are weighing Luna-Luna's background into the case while making that call.

KEPR pulled several citations for assault going back two years.

He seemed to thumb his nose at the law and never showed up to court.

That all changed when police issued an Amber Alert. They said Luna-Luna kidnapped his own son. When the two were found, the father was thrown in jail. That was back in January.

KEPR was told by an immigration spokesperson that Luna-Luna bonded out and ICE took him into custody.

He sat in an ICE detention center until late April when a judge said he should be deported. Within two days he was in Mexico, but not necessarily in jail.

Immigrations couldn't specifically say what the Mexican authorities did when he arrived. But somehow he got back to the Tri-Cities in a matter of weeks.

Franklin County prosecutor Steve Lowe told KEPR, "It takes about 10 to 12 days by foot to get back to Tri-Cities, it's not unusual. Frustrating, yes, we obviously have a border problem.

Less than a month after being deported, police say he stabbed Griselda Ocampo-Meza to death.

Lowe is consdering the toughest charges: premeditated murder, which could mean the death penalty.

That case would center on Luna-Luna's past assault charges and allegations of domestic violence.

KEPR asked Lowe if there was anything more that could have been done. "Ask the federal government. I don't control the borders. We don't do immigration. It's a federal issue and it's an issue that's not being resolved."

Certainly not resolved when a young mother is allegedly killed by a man who wasn't even supposed to be here.

We looked into where her son is now. Friends tell us he's with Child Protective Services, but we haven't been able to confirm that.

Griselda doesn't have any family living here, they are all in Mexico City.