Court Papers Show Past Violence Between Accused Killer and Victim

Court Papers Show Past Violence Between Accused Killer and Victim

PASCO, Wash. -- In her own words, Griselda Ocampo Meza described how her ex-boyrfriend, Gregorio Luna Luna attacked her for months.  KEPR Action News uncovered the court papers that detail those past complaints of abuse.  Luna Luna is accused of killing his son's mother, Ocampo Meza.  She was found stabbed early Monday morning at a Pasco apartment.  Click here to read the past complaints she made against him.

In February, Ocampo Meza told investigators that she feared for her life. "He has made several threats that (sic) will kill me and my son, harm my family and make my life miserable. I fear for my life and my son's life," she wrote.


In the document, she requested a restraining order from Luna Luna. A judge granted the order but it wasn't enough to save her life. Luna Luna attacked her, killing her with one stab wound to the chest, according to Franklin County Coroner Dan Blasdel.

"It makes me angry because I don't know how a person could take another person's life," Annette Delgado said, friend of Ocampo Meza. Delgado said Ocampo Meza confided in her about the threats made by her son's father. Indeed, the court papers seem to show how the violence was escalating.


..."He threw me at the floor and got a knife from the kitchen. He made me take off my clothes and began to take pictures of me naked..." she wrote about an incident in January. The document continues with details of weapons she claimed Luna Luna used to threaten her, including knives, pruning scissors, rope, and plastic bags.

"She ran out of that apartment without anything on," Delgado said. "She didn't care cause she wanted to get away from him."


Ocampo Meza also accused him of kidnapping their son two different times. On both occasions he claimed "they are going to kill themselves. I will never see them again."

But by May, it seemed the system was working. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported Luna Luna and it suddenly seemed Ocampo Meza's calls for help were answered. But not before, Delgado said, he made one final threat.

"He did mention to her, 'I'm going to come back and if you got away the first time, you got away the second time, the third time you're not going to be saved. And I'm going to promise you that' and they took him away," she said.

Prosecutors said Luna Luna followed through with that promise, stabbing her with a knife in the early hours of Monday morning. The murder prompted Delgado to speak up about her friend's death with a simple message:


"If you're in a violent relationship, don't go further."