Murder Suspect Captured in Pasco

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PASCO - The search for a murder suspect brings out the big guns.

KEPR Action News was the only camera on scene as the swat team moved in.

The Action News team was out in front of the story all day with video you'll only see on KEPR.

And we uncovered details on the suspect's past death threats.

Late Monday afternoon, Pasco Police captured 31-year-old Gregorio Luna-Luna.

Cops say he killed his 21-year old girlfriend Monday morning. They're not releasing the victim's name at this time.

The manhunt started early Monday.

About 4 a.m., Pasco Police got called out to an apartment complex on North 22nd Avenue, the call came in as a domestic dispute.

Neighbors said off-camera, they heard a loud fight and then sirens.

When police got there, they found a 21-year-old woman bleeding, cops say she was attacked by her boyfriend 31-year-old Gregorio Luna-Luna
who was nowhere to be found.

"I can't talk about cause of death, but I can tell you it seems to be with a sharp cutting object," said Capt. Jim Raymond with Pasco Police.

The woman was taken to the hospital but didn't survive.

By 6 a.m., police were called out to an apartment on N. 4th Avenue behind the Airport Motel.

By 8 a.m., the SWAT team was called in. KEPR had the only video of the team on scene.

Nearly a dozen officers with guns drawn moved in with their shields up.

By 10 a.m., they hadn't found Luna-Luna, and began searching cars and trucks outside. But still no sign of him.

"We consider him very dangerous, he killed a woman that's why we're taking so much precaution," said Raymond.

They began towing the cars as evidence including a black SUV and a red compact car.

The Pasco Police evidence van pulled in to search for clues, while the search for the suspect continued.

By 3 p.m., police tracked down Luna-Luna. He was cornered by police in a vacant house off Sycamore, just three miles from where it all began.

Officers say the suspect was off the streets nearly 12 hours after committing the crime.

At this point Luna-Luna is in jail waiting for formal charges by the prosecutor's office. Action News called the Franklin County Coroner's office and they're still trying to find the next of kin before telling us the name of the dead woman.

When KEPR heard the name Gregorio Luna-Luna, our news team knew we'd heard that name before.

And we quickly discovered he's the same man we covered as part of an Amber Alert back at the beginning of the year.

The alert came from the same apartment complex where the woman was found Monday.

Back then, police told KEPR Luna-Luna had taken his son from these apartments after a fight with the boy's mother. She told police he'd threatened to kill the child. That triggered an amber alert.

Luna-Luna and his son were found later that day in Pasco the dad was arrested.

Our reporter also went to the courthouse to find more about Luna-Luna's criminal history. KEPR found out he's been cited for domestic assault four-times. On all cases, we're told he never showed up to court.

This is the second murder connected to domestic violence in just two weeks.