Christmas Tree Giveaway

Christmas Tree Giveaway
KENNEWICK - A local man's crusade to give away free Christmas trees is bigger and better this year.

Action News introduced you to Steve Osmonson last year when the idea first took root.

Now he's at it again and we were along when he surprised this family Monday.

It's not just a tree they're getting, this year they've got presents and decorations all donated from people in the community.

"I think it is wonderful. We don't have very much and all of this is so wonderful," said June VanTiger.

"Since our grandpa passed away, we don't have very much so I'm just really happy," said Hannah VanTiger.

And they have more trees to giveaway this year. Ranch and Home and two tree lots along Clearwater donated this year bringing the total to 60-70 trees.