Dollar Store Going Out of Business

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PASCO -- Store clerks in Pasco are about to be out of job. The Dollar Store at Sylvester Street and 20th Avenue is closing.

This past summer, the Kennewick Dollar Store was forced to close. Back then, staffers told us the building owner gave them the boot.

This time the company is blaming the economy.

One clerk at the Pasco store actually lost her job when the Kennewick store closed and now she's out of work again.

"I've been here about a month and then they dropped the bomb on me and said they're closing this store too. Another sign of the times -- it's the economy. So I’m out of a job again," said Dollar Store clerk Robin McGaffey.

The store is slashing prices, so to speak. So it's not the Dollar Store anymore, more like the 88 cent store.

And they're going to keep dropping prices until everything is gone.