74 million dollar hospital to open in Pendleton

74 million dollar hospital to open in Pendleton »Play Video
PENDLETON, Oreg. - A healing garden and no elevators highlights the brand new St. Anthony Hospital in Pendleton. The 74-million dollar project will open tomorrow morning.

Jennifer Peterson is thrilled to be spending her last day at the old St. Anthony's Hospital.

"It's like Merry Christmas Pendleton, it's beautiful, we're getting a new beautiful hospital," said Jennifer Peterson.

On Friday morning, the doors will open on this 75-million dollar project. To give you an idea of the expansion, the old hospital say on nine acres, the new St. Anthony's is on 92. It's spread across all one floor, staff says will keep everyone connected.

"It adds an inordinate amount of time waiting for those to arrive and get you from A to B," said Joe Kunkel.

There are the same number of beds available, but patients will never need to share a room. All the doors slide, increasing the space for patients and families. And each room has a couch that turns into a bed.

"Difficult medical time is not just about patients, it's about the patients and the families," said Peterson.

Staff say that the hospital is situated to create a more private experience for families. And the number of emergency rooms will more than double.

"In our old ER, we had patients in the hall taking care of them, now that we have the eleven rooms, we can bring the patients in, treat them and get them admitted or discharged," said Peterson.

"This is as cutting edge as anybody else for a critical access hospital," said Kunkel.

Each staff member will wear a device that can locate other doctors and nurses in the hospital.

"It streamlines things, it makes it more efficient, faster for better patient service," Peterson.

And improving patient service has been the goal of this massive overhaul, resulting in a new St. Anthony's Hospital.

Staff at the hospital say they are also planning to build a medical center or a senior living center on the St. Anthony's property in the future.