Preparing for Black Friday with a Sneak Peek at the Ads

Preparing for Black Friday with a Sneak Peek at  the Ads »Play Video
TRI-CITIES - We’re giving you a sneak peek at some Black Friday deals. For some, the big holiday this week is Thanksgiving, but for die hard shoppers it's all about Black Friday.

The Kennewick Best Buy was actually pretty busy for a Monday afternoon, and that's the point. This year, more companies are promising Black Friday deals all week long.

“We actually started pricing early so we're seeing a lot of folks getting through the door to get holiday shopping early," said Mitch Davis, Best Buy sales manager.

But if you're one of those planning to be there for the doorbuster sales here's a good tip.

Websites like and are two sites that leak newspaper circulars before they get to your doorstep.

But buyer beware, they aren't official so they may not be accurate. Action News did scan a couple of the ads and they checked out.

On Monday, Best Buy actually released its ad early. It's supposed to be out Wednesday night at the stroke of midnight. But the chain got it out early because of the leaks.

We compared the ad leaked on to the one on the official Best Buy website and found it was the same ad with the same deals.

There's no ad out for Walmart yet on the official site, but a look at the leaked ad shows the deals match up with a few they are promoting on their website.

You'll want to get the scissors out for Old Navy. Its leaked advertisement shows that if you spend $50 you get $10 off.

Target and Toys-R-Us are slashing prices on board games — some are just $5.

Action News combed through the ads and here’s our top five Black Friday deals:

$198 for a laptop at Wal-Mart
$78 for a Blu-Ray player at Wal-Mart
$49 digital camera at Best Buy
$25 printer at Wal-Mart
$5 board games and Target

"It's a great time of year to shop because the promotions are hot," said Davis.

But keep in mind the big sales are for early risers, inventory clears out quickly and sales are over by mid-day. But if you're willing to do your homework and the legwork, you'll save big.