Family Suing City of Kennewick for $10 Million

Family Suing City of Kennewick for $10 Million »Play Video
KENNEWICK - The city of Kennewick has another multi-million dollar lawsuit on it's hands. This time the family of a man killed by police is suing.

An officer involved shooting death in Kennewick is headed for a legal battle. The family wants $10 million.

According to the claim for damages filed by the family's attorney, they are seeking damages against the city and the police department.

No word yet if the officer himself is being sued.

This is a wrongful death suit with damages of $10 million plus $3500 in funeral costs.

This all stems from a shooting two months ago. Kennewick Police Officer Lee Cooper shot Christopher Villarreal after an erratic pursuit that ended when Villareal allegedly rammed his car into the officer's motorcycle.

Action News spoke with the family's attorney just last week about the reasons behind this suit.

"We can't continue to have officers that are like that on the streets or people in fear, that if you are caught on some sort of traffic offense, then there's that possibility that you could be shot by an officer," said attorney Norma Rodriguez.

Now that she has filed, the parties have two months to respond.