Spring Break in the Tri-Cities

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RICHLAND - Can't get a break? Welcome to the real world kid. For us grow-ups, we don't get that thing called a Spring break. The break is good news for kids, not so much for school-side businesses. The folks at Richland's Tastee Freeze say usually lunch hour is packed. But this week the ice cream business isn't so sweet.

But for us old fogies, we wouldn't know what's the hip place to hang on during Spring break. So we left it up to youngsters to give us the 411.

"There's skate parks and the movies."
"Tri-Cities is really boring there needs to be more things to do."
"If you're creative you can find something, but unless it is 90 degrees then there's stuff but when it's cold you just stay at home."

For the younger kiddies, clubs like YMCA and the boys and girls club have special programs to keep you kids busy.