Woman Claims Pasco Airport Security Agent Hurt Her Foot

Woman Claims Pasco Airport Security Agent Hurt Her Foot »Play Video
TRI-CITIES - A Richland woman called on Action News complaining about a security screener at the Pasco Airport. She claims an agent made her take off her foot brace and stand on her sprained ankle.

Lona Dunlap has some harsh words about a recent trip through security at the Pasco Airport. She claims a TSA agent took her crutches and made her take off this cast and stand on her sprained ankle.

"Then she made me lift up each foot individually and put all the weight on it. It was incredibly painful," said Dunlap.

Dunlap let Action News look at her medical records. It showed, the day before the plane trip she a sprain. The doctor's recommendation was to stay off it.

Then after the incident, she went to see a doctor in Wyoming and again back home in Richland, it says Dunlap now has two fractures.

Dunlap says she wants answers and wants help paying for her medical bills. She's filed a complaint with TSA.

"I'm frustrated aggravated and disappointing," said Dunlap.

On the TSA website it says, "security officers will not ask nor require you to remove your prosthetic device, cast, or support brace."

The website even shows you what they do instead, they're suppose to swab down the brace to check for trace explosive material.

Action News called up a TSA a spokesman based in Spokane says they are taking this allegation very seriously.

They told me management in Pasco is looking into it.

Right now they're trying to figure out if there is any video of the incident and figure out who was working that shift that day.

In the meantime, Dunlap tells Action News, she's getting a lawyer.

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