No bombs found after CBC evacuation

No bombs found after CBC evacuation »Play Video
Police block off streets around Columbia Basin College after a bomb threat was received Thursday morning. (Photo by Frances Watson, Action News)

Editor's Note: KEPR does not generally report on bomb threats to avoid copycat behavior, but we felt compelled to share this with you because of the extent of the threat.

PASCO, Wash. -- A bomb threat forced the evacuation of Columbia Basin College Thursday. The college received the threat on their voicemail at 11:23 a.m., according to CBC spokesperson Frank Murray.

Pasco police confirmed it was a credible threat. That's when CBC sent out text alerts to students and began evacuating campus immediately.

Police searched campus on bikes in search of any suspicious packages. Police also brought in a helicopter to monitor the campus from above.

Police are still investigating. They believe one person is responsible and are actively looking for the suspect.

Class will be back in session on Friday.