Tashia Stuart convicted of murdering her mother

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. --  A jury has convicted Tashia Stuart of murdering her mother, Judy Hebert, at their West Pasco home in 2011.  The jury convicted her of the most serious charge of first degree murder and also premeditated murder.  The jury had been given the option of second degree murder or second degree manslaughter as well.

Stuart always admitted shooting and killing her mother. She said it was self-defense.  Stuart's ex-husband, Todd Stuart, was acquitted of attempted murder for an attack on Hebert in the weeks before she was killed.  Todd Stuart was arrested on a Navy vessel in California and brought back to Franklin County to stand trial in 2012.  The jury determined he was not guilty of the attempt on Hebert's life that included dropping a bin of books on her head in the garage.  Todd Stuart was called as a witness in Tashia's trial, but cited his fifth amendment rights and did not testify.

Tashia Stuart will remain in the Franklin County jail as she awaits sentencing.