Closing arguments are all that's left in trial of Richland nanny

Closing arguments are all that's left in trial of Richland nanny »Play Video

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- The jury could have the case tomorrow in the trial of a Richland nanny accused of killing a child in her care. The defensesurprised the court when it wrapped this morning after three days of presenting its case.

You may remember it took months for Kelli Jacobsen to even go to trial because her defense attorney wanted time for its own child abuse experts to finish reports. They hoped to refute evidence Ryder Morrison was chronically abused., but those reports never made it into court.

One of the final witnesses to speak today was a Richland detective.

The defense wants to show Ryder Morrison's mom was reckless in setting him on kitchen counters.

It's going towards the theory that the one-year-old's injuries could have happen the night before he died -- not minutes before. The defense questioned why kitchen counter measurements weren't given to the emergency room doctors.

Investigators insist there was no reason to focus on the kitchen. It hadn't been called into question during the investigation.

The state cross-examined the final defense witness.

Allison Taylor is a private investigator hired by Kelli Jacobsen's team. She took notes from doctors at the hospital.

The prosecution wanted it to look like she wasn't thorough.

Closing arguments in the aggravated manslaughter trial should begin Tuesday. It will then go to the jury for deliberation.