Mom tells story of survival, recovery following violent Nob Hill crash

Mom tells story of survival, recovery following violent Nob Hill crash

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A mother and son who survived last week's crash on Nob Hill Boulevard told their story of recovery only to KIMA  after police said they were blindsided by illegal street racers.

Action News introduces you to the family that's been overwhelmed by help from the community. De'von Parks holds her little boy Anothony tight.

Police said it's a miracle they're both alive.

"I have three broken ribs, three fractured ribs, a ruptured spleen," De'von said. "I have a punctured lung. I also have glass in my eye socket."

KIMA was there when firefighters cut De'von and her 4-year-old son out of their mangled car.

"Everything's gone," she said. "I don't remember."

Investigators said Jose Ramirez and Everado Nava were racing down Nob Hill Boulevard when Nava T-boned Parks' car in front of a Burger King restaurant.

"My first thought was to get to my son. They told me I was trying to get off the table to get to my son," De'von said.

The force of the crash knocked Anthony unconscious.  He's now recovering from a concussion.

"He did not talk for two days, my mom told me," De'von said. When he came out, my mom said he told her he saw the angels, when he came to."

De'von said he hasn't been quite the same since.

"He's back in pull-ups because of the accident."

Quiet at first, Anthony quickly warmed up to the camera, and eventually our reporter.

"I'm really grateful for the car seat," said De'von.

De'von said they also have to recover from the psychological scars. Doctors told them they will need counseling, Anthony's grandmother included.

"I went to the trauma room and there must have been fifteen people working on him," Marlene Parks said.

But the healing is a little easier with support from the community.

Anthony will stay home for at least another week. His mother has months of recovery ahead of her.

"Do you view this as a miracle?" Action News asked.

"Yes, I do," De'von said.

One good reason to keep holding on to this little boy.

Prosecutors charged both suspected street racers with two counts of vehicular assault Tuesday.