KENNEWICK: Look out for warrants

KENNEWICK: Look out for warrants
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Ignoring court orders and refusing to pay legal fees are just two of the things that merit a police warrant. And in Kennewick, it's an up and down trend.

Officials tell us they're serving about a dozen search warrants each week. In fact, it's common for authorities to issue more than 300 new warrants in a month.

Police tell us they're always on the lookout for people with a warrant. And as serious as it sounds, warrants are often issued for people charged with lesser crimes.

"A lot of warrant arrests just come on random traffic stops or contacting people or calls for service that we go to. And people haven't taken care of their matters, and they have warrants for their arrest," said Kennewick Police Officer Keith Noble.

Officials tell us thousands of dollars is owed to Kennewick Police in warrants.