11 homes, 22 cars & 2 restaurants raided in Yakima

11 homes, 22 cars & 2 restaurants raided in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima police, the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided three homes Wednesday in Yakima.

Agents also raided 8 other homes, 22 cars and two Mexican restaurants.

Federal court documents indicate dozens of people are under investigation for possession of counterfeit identification documents and falsely claiming to be U.S. citizens.

Both El Mirador restaurants are under scrutiny for knowingly hiring Illegal aliens.

The documents say more than 30 current or former employees provided false documents to gain employement. Ten of those employees had their counterfeit photos taken inside one of the restaurants. Six were wearing El Mirador uniforms in those pictures.

"Pretty shocking to know that (the raid happened) right there," said Neighbor Jessica Jay said. "I really didn't know that stuff was going on."

KIMA learned several of those taken into custody are suspected of using counterfeit birth certificates, driver's licenses, travel documents and financial records. Federal Court papers also showed investigators confiscated a computer and digital camera containing photos for the phony documents.

The raid began around 8:30 Wednesday morning on the 700 block of 3rd Avenue.

Agents cuffed a half dozen people from the three homes.

The stretch of 3rd Avenue between Peach Street and Arlington was blocked off for about two hours.

Neighbors say they never expected to see this.

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The two El Mirador restaurants are shown on the map below: