Richland Police: Attempted kidnapping 'an inside job'

Richland Police: Attempted kidnapping 'an inside job'
RICHLAND, Wash. -- Richland Police have named a suspect in an attempted kidnapping early Wednesday morning. They believe it was "an inside job" where an employee is accused of attacking a co-worker. Aaron Sparks, 33, of Richland is expected to be charged with first degree kidnapping.

Officers say he attacked a woman and zapped her with a stun gun as she was getting into her car on Potter Avenue to go to work early Wednesday morning.

The victim was able to fight off her attacker and rip off his mask and gloves, but police say Sparks ran away. RPD interviewed the victim, who identified Sparks as a possible suspect.

Shortly afterward, police got a call from Sparks' brother saying his family hadn’t heard from him and wanted to file a missing person’s report.

From that report, Richland PD received a call from Missoula, Montana Police that an Aaron Sparks had attempted suicide in their jurisdiction and was being treated at the hospital.

Sparks was connected to a red Toyota Echo found in Missoula and identified as the same car spotted on Perkins Avenue, two blocks from the attack site.

A search warrant of Sparks’ home uncovered an empty box and an internet receipt for a stun gun. Officers also recovered clothing from the dryer that matched the victim’s description of what her attacker was wearing.

Richland PD asked the Missoula police to search Sparks car. All this information will be taken to the Prosecutor's Office to start the extradition process to bring Sparks back to Benton County to face felony charges.