Letter: Richland superintendent sends notice of retirement

Letter: Richland superintendent sends notice of retirement »Play Video

RICHLAND, Wash. -- KEPR has new information tonight on the investigation that has Richland's superintendent of schools off the job. Jim Busey is on paid leave but is putting the district on notice.  He sent a letter Wednesday demanding he get his job back.

While this remains a personnel matter, Busey did send a copy to KEPR's Frances Watson. She spoke with the school board president to get his side of this very public story.

Will he get his job back? The Richland School district has been investigating a complaint about Superintendent Jim Busey for weeks.

He's been on paid leave, but it hasn't stopped Busey from talking about it and sharing his side of the story. Now he sent a letter to the district indicating he intends to fully resume his position.

Action News called School Board President Rick Jansons. He's out of town and agreed to a phone interview.

KEPR asked, "He wants his job back immediately. Is that how you understand it?"

"I understand that he sent us a letter, and us said that he didn't want any additional publicity, but did copy at least your TV station on the letter," said school board president Rick Jansons.

Busey's lawyer sent KEPR the two-page document. It claims the board wants "a quick settlement with not much money."

The letter calls that unacceptable along with an ultimatum to sign a "draft written proposal" by the day after Christmas.

The board insists no offer is on the table.

KEPR asked, "What are the draft documents he's referring to?"

"I'm not able to read a lot of what he wrote because I'm on a little iPhone, so a lot of what I'm getting, I'm getting from talking to you," Jansons said.

Busey's been under scrutiny over allegations he had an inappropriate relationship with someone on staff.

His letter refers to the district's notice of administrative leave that "no determination has been made to the truthfulness of the allegations."

Busey claims the action against him is focused on one thing: "The board wanted me gone."

Action News asked, "Any truth to those types of comments in his letter?"

"We'll comment when the investigation is complete and I'll leave it at that," Jansons said.

That could last at least two more weeks while the district is on winter break.

Action News called Busey for an interview and am still waiting for a call back. For now, his letter speaks for him.

Rich Puryear was named acting superintendent last Friday.

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