KIMA fights for answers in Sunnyside teacher investigation

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Sunnyside High School teachers Sacha Mike and Maria Preston.

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. -- KIMA is still following up on the investigation of two high school teachers in Sunnyside. For two months, Action News has worked all angles and filed public records requests to uncover exactly what is going on in your student's classrooms.

"If you guys don't look into this," said Sunnyside man Greg Flocchini. "Who will? Who's going to dig into this and find the culprit? Who's going to find out why this is being allowed?"

The Teacher's Union even filed a lawsuit against KIMA and the school district to block the release of information about what happened inside the classrooms of teachers Maria Preston and Sacha Mike.

KIMA has confirmed the district reprimanded Preston for giving sexually-explicit poems to her students. KIMA also learned that Preston has filed a grievance citing her first amendment rights.

Ms. Mike was also reprimanded for an explained reason. We do know students in her mythology class complained about being taught sexual things.

"I think the teachers shouldn't even be allowed to teach because if they've done it once, they can do it again," said former student, Estella Patterson.

Not only is Elidia a Sunnyside High School graduate,  she is actually a former fan of the teachers.

"Just would have never thought she would do something like this," said Elidia.

While the district determines if further punishment is appropriate, people we showed the poems to were outraged.

To get all sides KIMA reached out to Sunnyside School District and the Teacher's Union but no one wants to comment.

WARNING: Graphic material | Here are links to three of the poems the teachers allegedly assigned: