Fugitive back behind bars where he's supposed to be

Fugitive back behind bars where he's supposed to be »Play Video
Photo by Michael Spears, Action News

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A felon on the loose seemed to be thumbing his nose at police and the court system. Now police put Jacob Lucey, 29, back behind bars where he's supposed to be.

But how he was ever released in the first place is still a questionable decision.

Jacob Lucey missed his first court date weeks ago.

Recapturing him became a top priority for YPD, but police are most upset they had to hunt him down at all.

Lucey told a judge his mother was dying. He was given a 24-hour break from jail with no ankle monitor or anything.

Lucey never came back to jail. Now police believe the dying mother story is a lie.

Police smoked Lucey out Friday afternoon on the 1900 block of Roosevelt.

Neighbors heard the raucous.

"We heard the intercoms at first, then we saw the police," said witness Jacob Condult. "At first there was only two cop cars and they were telling him to come out at gun point."

"I thought they were going to go in and shoot him," said witness Katie Lockwood. "I thought there was going to be a gun fight."

Investigators said Lucey surrendered. It brought the manhunt to a close after officers worked non-stop for days to find him by searching homes he was previously connected to.

"Got woken up to officers saying put your hands up," said neighbor Michael Adams.

The search racked up thousands in added overtime. All the more reason police are frustrated he was released in the first place.

"Is it time to have conversation with some of the other parts of the law and justice system about this happening?"

Capt. Rod Light: "I think so, it's going to be important, I think that we put our heads together and work together so we're both on the same playing field."

Court papers reveal the prosecutor, defense attorney and judge all thought the furlough was acceptable.

Yakima investigators say Lucey will face a set of new charges for leading police on a wild goose chase that cost thousands.

Action News obtained court documents that show Lucey was charged with auto theft and armed robbery on top of 11 previous convictions.

Lucey is expected to appear back in court next week.

To get all sides, KIMA spoke to Lucey's mother about her health condition Thursday. She said she has degenerative arthritis and other conditions she didn't want to elaborate on.

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