Cle Elum homeowners hope for recovery

Cle Elum homeowners hope for recovery

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Homeowners affected by the Taylor Bridge Fire say they're getting plenty of help from the community. More of them went back home to find there's nothing left of their houses except piles of ash.

The fire showed no mercy. One man we spoke to lost just about everything except hope.

Ed Taasevigen is one of dozens who came home to no home at all.

"You get angry. You get sad," said Homeowner Ed Taasevigen. "It's much like losing a loved one or a friend."

But thankfully all of his family and friends are safe. Even the family pet survived with minor burns to his feet.

Just down the street, Dan Winkle surveyed the damage on his street. His house was saved, but his neighbors weren't as lucky.

"Survivors remorse," Winkle said. "My house is fine. My next-door neighbor and good friends, their place is gone. Yeah, I'm having a lot of emotion about that."

For Ed it's time to move on.

"There's all these little bright spots," he said. "I saw the slide and then I saw the bird house."

Now, most believe the worst is over. But it seems like the generosity from the community is just getting started.

Authorities say they've been overwhelmed by donations at the Taylor Bridge Fire Camp and they can't accept any more donations there.