Support network forms for kids with Type 1 diabetes

Support network forms for kids with Type 1 diabetes
KENNEWICK - This week is certainly not for those who are easily bored or lacking energy.

Between the rock climbing, the tennis and other physical activities planned this week -- there's also time in the classroom, too.

The camp's goal? To equip these 24 campers and their parents with tools to live better and healthier while living with diabetes.

It's the brainchild of a Kennewick General Hospital Foundation member. He got the idea when his own child was diagnosed with Type-one diabetes.

"For the kids to see other kids with diabetes, that it is okay. It is a manageable disease. But it is a great opportunity for them to be together to learn, be educated, to have a fun time doing it," said Forrest Alexander.

Being held for the first time, the camp was an immediate success.

Alexander said "The camp actually sold out two months prior. It gives me a lot of confidence that there's a high demand there."

One in 400 kids are stricken with either type 1 or type 2. The type 1 version is much less common -- making up only 5% of all diabetics. Across the Tri-Cities, there are more than 100 kids in our public schools who have type 1.

"It's a high demand thing we need to get behind as a community," adds Alexander.

Community is what this camp is about.

"You definitely want to fit in. You want to do the things that other kids are doing," said Kennewick General Hospital Marketing Director Lisa Teske.

The camp also hopes to provide a support network for the future - allowing those with diabetes to lean on each other.