Judge sets bail at $2 million for man who admitted to shootings

Judge sets bail at $2 million for man who admitted to shootings »Play Video
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YAKIMA, Wash. -- Police documents say the main suspect in the case, 19-year-old Lameiro Flores, admitted to shooting the two victims Monday afternoon near the Naches River.

A judge set bail at $2 million for Flores. His family objected to allowing cameras in the courtroom, but the judge allowed them.

Flores told police he shot the victims, a 17-year-old boy and 18-year-old Jobany B. Martinez, because he claimed they had assaulted him in the past and feared they would do it again.

The documents also reveal that Flores told police he was swimming with friends and brought a .45 caliber gun with him because he had a "gut feeling."

Flores saw the two victims who told him "catch you later," according to the documents. He told detectives he took that as a threat.

Flores also told investigators that he shot the 17-year-old once, walked up to him and then shot him in the head.

He told them he then turned and shot Martinez in the head and he would have shot a third man but he ran away.

Police recovered Flores' handgun which they said was concealed in his car.

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