Documents ID man shot by law enforcement during drug bust

Documents ID man shot by law enforcement during drug bust

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The man shot in Thursday's DEA drug bust is identified as Manuel Sanchez of Sunnyside, according to federal court documents.

All the police and yellow tape are gone now, but you can still see the markings on the pavement and pieces from the crime scene. It was supposed to be a routine drug bust but instead turned into an officer involved shooting.

Federal Court records obtained by Action News describe how investigators say it happened.

The documents show authorities were tracking Manuel Sanchez for at least a month. On Tuesday, the record claims Sanchez agreed to meet an undercover officer here at Home Depot.

Documents: "Manuel Sanchez then reached out through his driver's side window with his left hand and handed the CS, or confidential source, a baseball glove."

In the glove, the criminal complaint says they exchanged two ounces of methamphetamine worth 2,000 dollars.

Officers tried to arrest Sanchez. That's when investigators say he tried to run over them. They responded with gunfire and shot Sanchez.

Sources told Action News he was hit in the face.

Officials say incidents like this are rare. There have been only three in the last seven years.

By comparison, these so-called "buy-busts" happen at least 100 times a year. The large majority happen in public places like Home Depot.

Just last week the DEA arrested two men in a buy-bust sting in the Target parking lot.

Police say it's because dealers feel busy spots provide the most protection.

That doesn't seem to bother David Padgett.

"Business as usual," Padgett said. "You gotta support your community so I'm not gonna. It won't make a difference if I go to Lowe's, Home Depot. Those guys are gonna do what they are going to do."

Investigators charged Manuel Sanchez with intent to distribute methamphetamine and related crimes.

Sanchez was listed in serious condition Friday at Harborview Medical Center's Intensive Care Unit.

>>>Read the official criminal complaint:

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