Radcon Convention Celebration of Science Fiction and Fantasy

PASCO-- Geeks unite!

We're not calling them geeks-- the Sci-Fi convention goers in Pasco say it with pride.

You never know what you're going to see at the annual Radcon Conference. Enthusiasts say now is an exciting time because it's one of the first conventions of the year.

They come from all over to dress up, play games and meet friends.

“I do Celtic-themed mythologies,” said Alexander James Adams, a vendor wearing green horns and a wide grin. “It's about Sadars and dragons and ferries and all that magical stuff.”

“It's just king of nice to dip yourself in geek for the weekend,” said Kelly Ammon, another regular. “I met my husband at a convention, so I have to keep coming back year after year, because it's just so much fun!”

Today was the last day of the Radcon convention. This is the third year Pasco has hosted the convention.