Former county public works director on charges filed: 'I don't know anything about it'

Former county public works director on charges filed: 'I don't know anything about it' »Play Video

PASCO, Wash. -- Charges were officially filed Friday against Dennis Huston, the Public Works director accused of stealing taxpayer money.

Action News spoke exclusively with Huston himself who has not spoken to any media since the accusations first came to light.

Months after the accusations and the arrest charging documents came down Friday at the Franklin County courthouse," said Franklin County Prosecutor Shawn Sant.

Dennis Huston now faces criminal charges of theft, money laundering and cocaine possession. He is accused of taking 1.7 million dollars from local taxpayers.

>>>Click here to read the official court documents filed by the state Friday

KEPR has been tracking this story from the very beginning when authorities seized computers and documents from the Public Works office in early February.

To everyone's surprise, Huston was released after four days. The state wanted time to build its case. They said he wasn't a flight risk.

KEPR's Whitney Ward found him at his home Friday afternoon but he did not want to comment.

Huston said he had not be served with anything and his attorney instructed him not to comment.

Court documents from the Washington State Attorney General's office show how Huston created a fake company to gain Public Works vouchers for payment. They say he was placed under surveillance and tracked making the fraudulent deposits.

While the official dollar amount is listed as 1.7 million dollars, local authorities suspect it could much more.

KEPR was also first to show you the extent of Huston's past government theft in Montana. He was convicted in 1986 for a similar crime, and spent time in federal prison.

Less than a year after he was released, he was hired by Franklin County Public Works.  Officials believe he was again stealing public money by 1990 until he was caught 22 years later.

Huston is scheduled to appear on these charges in Franklin County Court June 12th. As the state looks to hold him accountable for massive theft of your money.