Donald Schalchlin: Victim or Villain?

Donald Schalchlin: Victim or Villain?
KENNEWICK -- Is Donald Schalchlin a victim or a villian?

He's the 15-year-old accused of helping cover up the murders of his mother and sister, Lori and Elizabeth Schalchlin.

The teen was in court Wednesday so his attorney could hire a private investigator for the case.

It's no mystery Donald had a troubled past but a new report might make you think twice about him.

Did the system fail Donald?

Why did no one step in to help?

And is it possible lori and elizabeth might still be alive if something had been done sooner?

Court papers say, at just 15, Donald's experienced alleged abuse, assault, and attempted suicide more than 100 times.

The contents of his battered and broken home life fill the pages of a new document the Declination Report.

In the report, Donald claims abuse came at the hands of both his dad and stepbrother, and literally at the hands.

Donald claims he was frequently choked, and his mother neglected him.

Between February 2003 and November of 2007, Child Protective Services received six reports about the Schalchlins.

When Donald was just 11, a teacher reported he would "get fixated" on other students, smelled of urine, never did his homework and had ADHD, but claimed his mom refused to treat it.

Again that year, a teacher reported Donald begged kids for food at school and speculated his mother "is not interested in taking care of his needs."

By the time Donald was 14, a CPS report documents a house that sounded unlivable: hordes of animals, their droppings, and even a freezer on the "front porch full of animals that have died."

Donald said it was too much to clean on his own.

In mom's defense, Lori reportedly made claims that Donald was "out of control."

This year, a counselor reported that Lori "was afraid of Donald because he had beaten her before."

Did CPS ever check back in?

That's unknown.

The report also reveals Donald was not getting a proper education.

He was in high school but test scores show he worked on an elementary level for reading and math.

In 2006, Lori's boyfriend reported the kids "were not getting an education."

Did teachers ever step up?

That's unknown.

A mental health screening documented the 100 suicide attempts.

They always involved cutting.

Donald reportedly used razors, knives and saws.

The teen claims he started worshipping the devil and he was locked up for a variety of crimes.

Did counselors ever help out?

That's unknown.

So again we pose the question, is Donald Schalchlin a villain or victim?

Was he forced to help hide the murders?

That's unknown.

Action News tried calling extended family members and most importantly, CPS, to see if they had investigated any of these claims.

Reporters left numerous messages but they did not return any calls.

Action News posted all of the documents on our website KEPRTV.COM.