Kennewick Schools Reverse Position on Student Clubs

Kennewick Schools Reverse Position on Student Clubs
KENNEWICK -- The Kennewick School District made a complete reversal in its stance on student clubs.

At a packed School Board meeting Wednesday night, members decided to allow full access for groups, including the Gay-Straight Alliance.

It was the result of months of controversy, after the GSA wanted the same privileges as clubs like the National Honor Society. But instead, the Board decided to place limitations on all non-curricular clubs.

Wednesday's decision now clears the way for all student clubs, including the Gay-Straight Alliance to have equal access to resources like the school public address system, newspapers, yearbooks, and an ASB account for fundraisers.

Board members insist their previous decision to limit non-curricular clubs was never about trying to stifle the Gay-Straight Alliance. But GSA member Joy Unterseher says, "I never believed it was not about the GSA."

Students who spoke to Action News say they're just thankful all clubs are now considered equal.