Energy Northwest awarded final judgment

ENERGY NORTHWEST PRESS RELEASE; A federal court ruled last Friday to award Energy Northwest more than $48.7 million in damages for the construction and licensing of a used fuel storage area at Columbia Generating Station. The ruling came nearly five years after the court determined the U.S. Department of Energy was in breach of contract for its failure to accept the utility’s used nuclear fuel.
“This is a huge victory for the region and the ratepayers of the Northwest,” said Mark Reddemann, Energy Northwest CEO. “However, this judgment does not resolve the issue of long-term storage of used nuclear fuel, nor does it lessen the legal obligation of the federal government to develop and manage that process.”
Though Energy Northwest and the nuclear energy industry continue to advocate completion and use of a national repository, Columbia’s used fuel can continue to be safely and securely kept for decades at the plant in its used fuel pool and above-ground dry storage area.
According to court documents, Energy Northwest represents one of more than 60 such cases filed by nuclear utilities.