Paperless Patrol In Washington

Paperless Patrol In Washington
WASHINGTON -- State Patrol is going paperless. Not to be green, but to save some green and time for both you and troopers. Action News discovered just how much it will save.

No one likes getting pulled over, so anything to make that time go by faster is welcomed. Even a woman who was pulled over said she likes the new paperless system.

Before when you got pulled over for breaking a law, troopers would write you a ticket on paper. Now, they just scan the bar code on your license and registration. Then with a few clicks the form is filled out, taking a quarter the time it used to.

"If I stopped them for speeding then they are in a hurry,” said State Trooper Darin Foster. “They are trying to get somewhere and they are trying to save time. By them having their information and us having the computer it cuts down time.”

This new paperless system will save thousands in the future. That could me more troopers or even lower taxes, but right now it means troopers spending more time on the road and less time on paperwork.

The system cuts down dramatically the amount of paper state troopers use, but the system isn't completely paperless. The new computer system still prints out a copy of the digital ticket for drivers.

If you don't have your license and registration, being stopped now will take you even longer because officers have to type in the information and click through the pages.

Right now about half your state troopers have gone paper free. The goal is for every trooper to be able to speed up the process of catching speeders and in the long run, slow down the need for stacks of paper.