Neglected Horses Rescued from Franklin County Farm

Neglected Horses Rescued from Franklin County Farm
FRANKLIN COUNTY -- KEPR is following up on a story you may have read in the Tri-City Herald, a Franklin county man forced to give up his horses, or face charges of animal cruelty.

A rescue organization called "Spot-O-Faith" took seven neglected horses from a farm on Birch Road Tuesday. They hoped to rescue another six more, but the homeowner wouldn't hand them over. Those horses are still at his farm.

The man says he made a deal with deputies to avoid criminal charges by giving up his horses, but he didn't commit to giving every horse to rescuers. He claims he promised the animals to other people.

"It's pretty maddening cause we don't know if they really have home or not, we're ready to take on someone if we need to go get them. We have a crew ready so were gonna check and see if they have homes pretty soon," said Kristi Schupp.

The owner also has 24 dogs and "Spot-O-Faith" is hoping to take some of those, too, but the paper reports the dogs appeared in better condition than the horses.

The Franklin County Sheriffs office told KEPR they're forwarding the case to the prosecutor.