Benton and Franklin County Mosquito Spraying Next Tuesday

PRESS RELEASE BENTON COUNTY MOSQUITO CONTROL DISTRICT -- Benton and Franklin County Mosquito Control Districts have scheduled an aerial application for adult mosquitoes on Tuesday, June 14th. Weather conditions could postpone this application. The aircraft, operated by Vector Disease Control, Inc., will be flying at 300ft between 8:30PM and 12:30 AM.
Spraying will occur over parts of Finley, Kennewick, Richland, West Pasco and West Richland in areas where mosquito counts are high. Maps of the spray blocks will be available at by Friday, June 10th.
Residents with beehives or fish ponds may wish to cover them during the application as a precaution. Residents are advised to wash fruits and vegetables that may have been exposed to pesticides before consuming.
Ground (truck) spraying operations have also begun. Call 967-2414 for route information, or view the mosquito control webpage.
“Mosquitoes will be active this weekend. Help prevent mosquitoes and bites by emptying standing water around your home, avoid being outdoors during dusk and dawn, and wear repellent as needed.” Angela Beehler, District Manager
Contact: Benton County Mosquito Control, 967-2414
Franklin County Mosquito Control, 545-4083