Richland Wants New Wine Science Center

RICHLAND – A new wine science center is planning to be built in Richland thanks to the combined efforts of the city, WSU Tri-Cities, and the Port of Benton.

The new center will be adjacent to the WSU campus and will be built on Port of Benton property.

With the wine industry continuing to grow in Washington, growers say by 2020 the industry could triple, which would bring in over a $400 million in local tax revenue. That’s part of the reason why the city sees this as a worthwhile investment.

“What the wine industry has said is that we need the facility to be able to continue our growth,” said Gary Ballew, Richland’s Economic Development Manger. “They've had rapid growth for the past 20 years and we can actually continue that.”

The project is estimated to cost around $24 million, with a majority of the money coming from private donors.