Water Safety Fun Day

FINLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT PRESS RELEASE -- During the hot summer days in the Tri-Cities, our rivers provide a nice cool haven. Unfortunately, as much as these local waters provide relief from the heat, they can also pose a danger. Every year there are stories about people being rescued on the river; if they are the lucky ones.

Kye Carpenter, the Assistant Natural Resource Manager (Park Manager) from Ice Harbor Lock and Dam, will be bringing a group out to Finley Elementary School on Tuesday June 7th to teach the 3rd graders about water safety. The students will have the opportunity to visit 7 different stations to learn about boat safety, the hazards of cold water, how to handle a fire extinguisher, as well as other topics related to safety on and in the water.

As the students get ready to leave school for the summer, we hope that the lessons learned this day will help them make good choices around water and possibly even save a life.

The safety classes will be starting about 8:15 outside in the play area and run until about 10:30 the morning of June 7th.