Pasco Shoot-Out Leads to SWAT Stand-Off

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PASCO -- A stand-off in Pasco Saturday morning with five young kids caught in the middle. It all began with an early morning gang shoot-out.

Hunter Austin awoke Saturday morning to the sounds of violence; he says he heard yelling and then several pistol and shotgun blasts.
"I just hit the floor just immediately. [I was] scared to death...I wasn't sure if bullets were gonna come flying through the house," said Austin.

Police say a twenty-two year old man, possibly a gang member, was shot in the leg during the battle. He was hospitalized, but is expected to survive. However, the shooting was just the beginning.

When police arrived, witnesses told them that people involved ran into an apartment near the corner of 7th and B Street.

Police surrounded the place and coaxed one man out on their own.
They found out there were kids in the house and they called in the big guns. The SWAT Team showed up with an armored car and a sniper.

KEPR asked police why they made that call, "Just in case things went bad, we try to error on the side of caution," answered Jamie Raebel with Pasco PD.

While at the scene, KEPR heard a woman who appeared to be related to the kids, ask for them to be let out of the house. Police had her speak with those inside the house over a cell phone. Shortly after that, five young kids emerged unharmed. Then two more men surrendered and were detained.

All-in-all the situation lasted about six hours. Neighbors are glad no was badly hurt, but say it's a bit too close for comfort.

"It's scary, I almost want to move, I really do. I'm new to the area but now I'm like wanting to find someplace else to go," said Austin.

One of the four men detained was then arrested and now faces charges of being a felon in possession of gun found in the home.
Police say their investigation is still ongoing.

As we've reported, there was a drive-by shooting in Pasco earlier this week. Police tell Action News it's too early in their investigation to know if that shooting is related to the one early Saturday morning.