Coldest April Ever?

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TRI-CITIES-- With just a few days to go, it appears we're completing the coldest month of April in our recorded history, with our average daily high at just 55.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to preliminary numbers provided by the National Weather Service, we are on pace to barely break the record of 55.7 degrees, set back in 1967.

These numbers are from the Pendleton Airport, which has data stretching back to the 1930's. Data from the airport in Pasco only goes back to 1989.

In the Tri-Cities, the average daytime high has been just around 61 degrees, well below the 68.4 degrees typically seen in April.

An unusually tame jet stream is partly to blame, as we have avoided the high amplitute swings April usually brings. When the jet stream swings North, it often drives high pressure systems from the South into our area. You can think of the jet stream as a rapidly moving river of air high in the atmosphere.

While it's been cold, the month hasn't seen an unusual amount of precipitation, as we're just a few hundredths of an inch above our normal rainfall for April.

Click on the video link provided for Storm Tracker Jay Frank's look at the numbers.