Pasco Drive-by Shooting Suspect Still on the Loose

Pasco Drive-by Shooting Suspect Still on the Loose
PASCO -- Police are still searching for a suspect after a drive-by shooting in East Pasco.

Neighbors near the intersection of Cedar and Lewis say a car drove up just before 5:30 Wednesday evening, and fired a single round from a shotgun toward a group of people standing outside.

Authorities tell Action News one man, in his 20's, was grazed, but not seriously injured. However, the shotgun shell actually passed through the home's backyard, into another house one street over, shattering the sliding glass door. It was sheer luck that the home is vacant.

"The only time we've actually seen police like this is when some guy got away, and they were setting up a perimeter," says Junior Valencia, whose family lives on Cedar. "Other than that, I never thought this would happen."

Investigators believe the shooting was gang-related, and say the area has multiple known gang members.