Final Drill for Umatilla Weapons Depot

Final Drill for Umatilla Weapons Depot
UMATILLA COUNTY -- After 20 years, the Umatilla Chemical Depot has held its final drill.

Tuesday the final drill was carried out in Umatilla County; the weapons destruction project is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

Workers have been disposing of the HD mustard chemical agent, and are nearing the end.

These monthly drills let local, state, and federal agencies practice their skills in case of an emergency at the site.

Bob Spencer with Benton County Emergency mentioned how the presence of the Depot nearby has helped the community, saying, "It's also provided Benton County with some tremendous resources over the time period which we get to keep and we get to utilize for future emergencies."

The depot has already disposed of both GB and VX munitions in recent years.