Big Street Projects in the Tri-Cities

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TRI-CITIES -- KEPR is the first to discover big road projects scheduled for streets here in the Tri-Cities. Here, we'll let you know where and when the road work will be.

Of the three cities in town Kennewick may be the busiest. Work will soon begin on Southridge Boulevard between Hildebrand and West 27th St. In the summer, federal money will help pay for the repaving of W. Clearwater Ave. between Edison St. and Highway 395.

But that's not all, Kennewick plans to patch up 23 miles of roads all over town including on Columbia Center Boulevard, Canal Drive and Steptoe.

One of the longest stretches of road to receive chip-sealing this summer will be Vancouver Street between Kennewick Avenue and 45th.

The city says that by using chip-sealing instead of asphalt they can save a lot of money. This project will cost about a million dollars, the city says a standard repaving of the same streets could cost up to $16 million.

The chip-sealing starts next month, and will include many miles of road near neighborhoods.

"It could use some improvement and they do a pretty good job of having detours at the area's they're working," says Brandon Brazell who lives on Vancouver.

in Richland, construction is already underway on Leslie Road and also on Keene Road. The city will start a new project on the east end of Keene road between Queensgate and Elementary Street. That won't be until late summer.

We didn't forget about Pasco, the city couldn't provide us with specifics, but Pasco expects to spend more than three-quarters of a million dollars re-paving streets this year. When they have a list of the roads affected, KEPR will have them for you.

And here is a full list of Kennewick street's to be affected by the upcoming chip-sealing.

Steptoe Street : Gage Blvd. to North City limits
Center parkway : Steptoe Street to gage Blvd.
Grandridge Blvd. : Gage Blvd. to Young Street
Quinault Ave. : Center Parkway to C.C.Blvd.
Deschutes Ave. : Center parkway to young St.
Columbia Center Blvd. : 10th Ave. to Clearwater Ave.
4th Ave and Young St.
Kennewick Ave. and Colorado St
Kellogg Street: Irving St. to Canal dr.
Canal Dr. : Edison St. to Neel St
Canal Dr. SR 395 to Washington St.
Volland St : Clearwater Ave. to Canal Dr.
Kennewick Ave. : Union St. to Morain St.
Morain St. : 10th Ave. to 4th Ave.
Vancouver St.: 45th Ave. to Kennewick Ave.
36th Ave. : Ely St. to Olympia St.
19th Ave. : Vancouver St. to Washington St.
4th Ave. : Olympia St. to Vineyard Dr
Garfield St. : 27th Ave. to Kennewick Ave.
10th Ave. : Garfield St. to SR 397
Gum St. : 10th Ave. to SR 397