Deadly West Richland Fire: "Cause Undetermined"

Deadly West Richland Fire: "Cause Undetermined"
WEST RICHLAND -- Nearly two weeks after a deadly fire in West Richland, half a dozen different agencies are on the case. And a whole community still has questions.

There's good reason for those questions and speculation since both the cause of the fire is "undetermined" and the cause of a young mother's death is "inconclusive."

KEPR has learned investigators are reviewing witness statements and have spoken to Thomas St. George, the husband of the woman who died.

Sandy St. George was found dead in her home after an early morning blaze. Thomas went to the hospital but was okay. The couple's three kids happened to be staying with friends the morning the fire started.

Neighbors talked to us Thursday, off camera and say they hope investigators get to the bottom of what happened, calling the whole thing "very strange".

And we did ask the police chief why so many added investigators from Richland and Kennewick police departments, both fire departments and the sheriff's office.

He says they're asking for the extra help because this fire involved a death.

The Benton County prosecutor added, they don't yet know if there was even a crime but do want to cover all their bases.