Walla Walla Wineries Won't Get Fined for Alcohol Violation

WALLA WALLA -- It was a big bust for the State Liquor Board against Walla Walla wineries selling alcohol to minors. But now Action News has learned three of eight citations will not stick, because the undercover minor was already carrying a bottle of wine when the sale was made.

That means Lodmell Cellars, Locati Cellars and the Marcus Whitman Hotel Gift Shop will not have to pay a fine. Instead, they'll get a written warning.

Lodmell Cellars tells Action News it wants to work with the state to reduce underage drinking. But that the state did make a mistake, and owners are glad it's being corrected.

We also called the Washington State Liquor Control Board. Officials didn't agree to an on-camera interview. But over the phone, told us the wine bottle their undercover minor brought into the three wineries was from a previous sale to the minor.

The minor was supposed to hand it over to the official before the next sting, but didn't. The Liquor Control Board says that's an "anomaly" and that they're working to make sure it doesn't happen again.