Pendleton Goes Solar

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PENDLETON - Most remodeling costs money, but people in Pendleton are finding an addition that’s actually saving money.

Nearly 60 homes have recently installed solar panels on their rooftops. The move comes after a city initiated push to have 100 homes install solar panels in a project called “Solarize Pendleton”.

KEPR Action News spoke with Pendleton locals Bruce and Mary Kinsch, who recently installed panels in their home.

“The first month that we had any sort of idea in comparison, we saw an our usage from the electrical company reduced by half in comparison to last year,” says Kinsch.

KEPR Action News crunched the number from an average Pendleton electric bill and found the savings per month to total around $30 for using solar panels. From the bill we looked at, the cost for a home using solar panels is about 81 cents a day. In comparison, the cost per day for the same month the year before was $1.80 a day.

A downside with solar panels is that it costs around $17,000 to purchase a 2000 watt panel. However, thanks to rebates and tax credits, that price can be dropped to around $5,000.

For the Kinsch’s, it was even cheaper. “The price we paid was over $2,000 out of pocket, and that was cash to get it started.” Mary Kinsch added, “It’s way more reasonable than $14,000”, which is the price they were originally quoted.

The panels mean big savings for homeowners, and it’s something that the city government has initiated to be a feature that defines them. If Pendleton reaches its goal of 100 homes using solar energy, the city will become the largest solarized rural community in the United States.

Those still interested in solar panels can get in contact with the city of Pendleton to find out more information on how to purchase them.