Walla Walla Says No to Toy Store Mural

Walla Walla Says No to Toy Store Mural
It's hard not to notice the Inland Octopus toy store in downtown Walla Walla. But it seems the colorful mural above the store-front is attracting a little too much attention. The toy store insists the painting is a work of art, while the city attorney has deemed it a sign. And according to city law, any sign bigger than 150 square feet is illegal.

Nearly 100 concerned residents showed up to Monday's City Council meeting, urging city leaders to allow the mural to stay.

Shawna Corbett says her kids only know the sign "has a great big octopus on it. But it's doing its job. It's getting their attention."

But in the end, the city refused to change its mind.

Council member Jim Barrow says, "this particular painting at this particular time, violates code -- a code put in place for the benefit of all our citizens."

City Attorney Tim Donaldson says an official notice of violation will likely go out to Inland octopus by the end of this week. But store owner Bob Catsiff says he's not giving up. When asked what he'll do if the city tells him to paint over the mural, he only said, "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."