New Apartments, Not Enough Space in Classrooms

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RICHLAND -- KEPR Action News discovered plans for new apartments in South Richland are causing the school district to do a little juggling.

The new developments are going into the Meadow Springs area, but the kids living there will get bused to Marcus Whitman Elementary.

KEPR found out that's because both Badger Mountain and White Bluffs Elementary are at capacity.

"People that move in, want to know what school their kids are going to so they can plan accordingly. Sometimes those boundaries need to change and have to change simply because we don't have seats available in those schools, said Mark Panther with Richland School District.

But it's not just those two housing developments, KEPR found out nine are being planned right now within Richland school boundaries.

So there may be more re-shuffling in the future and more new schools.